17th World Congress on Public Health: Key Insights

The 17th World Congress on Public Health provides a global platform for discussing public health issues. Experts and professionals gather to share insights and strategies for improving population health.

The congress covers a wide range of topics, from infectious diseases to mental health, aiming to address current challenges and future trends in public health. Attendees can participate in workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. The congress offers a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions and contribute to advancing public health on a global scale.

Participants can expect to gain new perspectives, insights, and innovative solutions to address the complex health challenges facing communities worldwide.

Introduction To The 17th World Congress On Public Health

Explore cutting-edge insights and global collaboration at the 17th World Congress on Public Health. Join renowned experts to delve into pivotal issues shaping the future of public health worldwide.

The 17th World Congress on Public Health is a highly anticipated event that brings together professionals and experts from all over the world to discuss important issues related to public health. It is an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, and to develop new strategies to address the challenges facing the public health sector. This year’s Congress is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of public health professionals, with over 4,000 attendees from more than 100 countries.

Mission And Objectives

The mission of the 17th World Congress on Public Health is to promote and protect the health of people and communities worldwide. The Congress aims to achieve this mission by providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices, and by facilitating collaboration and partnerships among public health professionals. The objectives of the Congress include:
  • Sharing the latest research and innovations in the field of public health
  • Developing strategies and policies to address current and emerging public health issues
  • Facilitating networking and collaboration among public health professionals
  • Promoting the importance of public health to policymakers and the general public

Location And Date Highlights

The 17th World Congress on Public Health will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 29 to December 2, 2021. Bangkok is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers a unique blend of traditional Thai culture and modern amenities. The Congress will take place at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), a state-of-the-art venue that is conveniently located near many popular attractions. Some of the highlights of the Congress include:
  1. Keynote speeches by renowned public health experts
  2. Oral and poster presentations on a wide range of public health topics
  3. Workshops and training sessions on important public health issues
  4. An exhibition showcasing the latest products and services in the field of public health
  5. Networking events and social activities
Overall, the 17th World Congress on Public Health promises to be an exciting and informative event that will advance the global agenda for public health.

Global Health Priorities Addressed

The 17th World Congress on Public Health is a global platform dedicated to addressing the most pressing global health priorities. With a focus on driving impactful change and fostering collaboration, the congress convenes experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to address critical issues that affect populations worldwide.

Pandemic Preparedness

Amid the ongoing challenges posed by infectious diseases, the congress will delve into pandemic preparedness, emphasizing the importance of robust healthcare infrastructure, early detection systems, and effective response strategies. The discussions will center on enhancing global cooperation and resource allocation to mitigate the impact of future pandemics.

Climate Change And Health

Recognizing the profound impact of climate change on health, the congress will explore strategies to address environmental determinants of health. From advocating for sustainable practices to advancing public health policies, the focus will be on fostering resilience in the face of climate-related health risks.

Innovative Research Presentations

At the 17th World Congress on Public Health, attendees can look forward to a myriad of cutting-edge studies and emerging public health technologies. The event will showcase the latest breakthroughs in the field, offering valuable insights into innovative research that is shaping the future of public health.

Cutting-edge Studies

Delegates will have the opportunity to delve into a diverse range of cutting-edge studies that are driving progress in public health. From epidemiological investigations to behavioral health interventions, the congress will feature presentations that explore the forefront of public health research.

Emerging Public Health Technologies

The congress will also highlight emerging public health technologies that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery and disease prevention. Attendees can expect to learn about innovative tools, digital solutions, and data-driven approaches that are enhancing public health efforts around the globe.

Keynote Speakers And Panels

The 17th World Congress on Public Health is set to feature an impressive lineup of keynote speakers and panels, offering invaluable insights and discussions on global health issues. This year’s event will bring together influential health leaders and host multidisciplinary panel discussions to address pressing public health challenges and opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for attendees at the congress.

Influential Health Leaders

The congress will showcase a diverse array of influential health leaders who are at the forefront of driving positive change in public health. Renowned experts and innovators from various sectors will deliver keynote addresses, sharing their expertise and vision for advancing global health. Attendees can look forward to gaining valuable insights from these influential figures, whose contributions have made a significant impact on the field of public health.

Multidisciplinary Panel Discussions

Engaging multidisciplinary panel discussions will be a highlight of the congress, providing a platform for experts from different disciplines to come together and exchange ideas. These panels will delve into complex health challenges, foster collaboration, and explore innovative solutions to address public health issues. Attendees can anticipate thought-provoking conversations and actionable strategies emerging from these dynamic panel discussions, offering a holistic approach to tackling global health concerns.

Workshops And Skill-building Sessions

The 17th World Congress on Public Health is set to offer a rich array of workshops and skill-building sessions designed to equip participants with the practical knowledge and tools needed to address pressing public health challenges. From interactive training programs to best practices in public health, these sessions will provide invaluable opportunities for learning, collaboration, and professional development.

Interactive Training Programs

Engaging and hands-on, the interactive training programs at the 17th World Congress on Public Health are tailored to deliver actionable insights and practical skills. From simulation-based exercises to real-world case studies, these sessions are designed to empower participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive impactful change in their communities.

Best Practices In Public Health

Explore the latest best practices in public health through in-depth workshops and skill-building sessions led by industry experts. Gain practical insights into effective strategies, innovative approaches, and evidence-based interventions that are shaping the future of public health. These sessions will provide a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and driving positive outcomes in global public health efforts.

17th World Congress on Public Health: Key Insights

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Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities at the 17th World Congress on Public Health offer a platform for professionals and experts to connect, collaborate, and share insights. The event provides a conducive environment for initiating collaborative projects, building professional relationships, and fostering partnerships across the global public health community.

Collaborative Projects Initiation

At the congress, attendees have the opportunity to initiate collaborative projects aimed at addressing pressing public health challenges. Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and form partnerships with like-minded professionals to drive impactful initiatives that contribute to global health improvement.

Building Professional Relationships

Establishing and nurturing professional relationships is a key component of the networking opportunities at the 17th World Congress on Public Health. Connect with experts, researchers, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to foster knowledge exchange, skill development, and potential collaborations that can shape the future of public health.

Public Health Policy And Advocacy

Public health policy and advocacy play a critical role in shaping the health of communities and populations around the world. The 17th World Congress on Public Health provides a platform for experts, policymakers, and advocates to collaborate and exchange ideas on how to effectively develop policies and advocate for public health initiatives.

Policy Development Workshops

The congress will feature engaging and informative policy development workshops. These workshops will provide attendees with practical tools and strategies for creating and implementing effective public health policies. Experts in the field will share their insights and best practices, empowering participants to drive positive change through evidence-based policy development.

Advocacy Strategies For Public Health

Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into advocacy strategies specifically tailored to public health. These sessions will equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for important public health issues within their communities and at a broader policy level. From grassroots mobilization to engaging with policymakers, these sessions will cover a wide range of advocacy approaches.

17th World Congress on Public Health: Key Insights

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Future Of Public Health After The Congress

Explore the future of public health post-17th World Congress on Public Health for insights on global healthcare advancements. Join the conversation on innovative strategies and solutions shaping the healthcare landscape. Stay informed and engaged in the evolving public health discourse.

The 17th World Congress on Public Health has come to an end, and it has left us with a lot to think about. The discussions and presentations have shed light on the current state of public health and the challenges that lie ahead. As we move forward, it is important to consider the implications of the Congress on the future of public health. In this section, we will explore the potential impact of the Congress and what steps we can take to address the issues discussed.

Implications For Health Systems

One of the major takeaways from the Congress is the need for more investment in health systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses in many health systems, and it is clear that we need to do more to strengthen them. The Congress emphasized the importance of building resilient health systems that can withstand future crises. This means investing in infrastructure, improving access to healthcare, and ensuring that healthcare workers have the necessary resources and support. The Congress also highlighted the need for a more integrated approach to healthcare, where different systems and sectors work together to provide comprehensive care.

Next Steps And Action Items

The discussions at the Congress have given us a roadmap for the future of public health. Now it is up to us to take action and make changes where needed. One of the first steps we can take is to increase funding for public health initiatives. This includes investing in research, building infrastructure, and supporting healthcare workers. Another important step is to improve access to healthcare, particularly for underserved communities. This can be achieved through policies that promote equity and ensure that everyone has access to quality care. Finally, we need to work together to build resilient health systems that can respond to future crises. In conclusion, the 17th World Congress on Public Health has provided us with valuable insights into the current state of public health and the challenges that lie ahead. By taking action and implementing the recommendations discussed at the Congress, we can work towards a healthier future for all.
17th World Congress on Public Health: Key Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Theme Of The 17th World Congress On Public Health?

The theme of the 17th World Congress on Public Health is “Public Health for the Future of Humanity. “

How Can I Participate In The 17th World Congress On Public Health?

To participate in the congress, you can register on the official website and choose your preferred sessions to attend.

Who Are The Key Speakers At The 17th World Congress On Public Health?

Key speakers at the congress include renowned public health experts, policymakers, and researchers from around the globe.

What Topics Will Be Covered In The Sessions At The Congress?

The sessions will cover a wide range of topics such as global health challenges, disease prevention, health equity, and public health policies.


The 17th World Congress on Public Health showcased innovative solutions and global collaboration in healthcare. Together, we explored new avenues for improving public health outcomes worldwide. Let’s continue this momentum to create a healthier, more resilient future for all. Join hands for a healthier tomorrow!

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